Tilly Woodward

Hand crafted from archival paper, featuring prints of original oil paintings, presented in a portfolio and tied with a ribbon.  $7.00 each plus $7 shipping and handling per order. No delivery charge for Grinnell orders. Email your selections to  tillywoodward@gmail.com

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A. Scapes
B. Lots of Little Crabs
C. Bluebells
D. Chicken
E. Nest
F. New House Empty Nest
G. Two Fish
H. Black Ball
I. Nest Scissors Stats
J. Sprout
K. Astrid's Nest
L. Moth Ball Yellow
M. Moth Ball Red
N. Rhubarb
O. Fly Ball
P. Wayfinding
Q. Cricket Ball.1
R. Single Pear
S. Pear Pear
T. Anomaly
U. Grinnell Prize 2018
W. Grinnell Prize 2021
V. Rubber Band Balls
X. Sisters II
Y. Sisters I
Card Sale!
Beautiful cards, perfect to send or 
Print Sale!
Many people have framed my cards rather than send them, so I'm offering selected images as signed and numbered archival giclee prints. 
Paper sized 8.5 x 11" inches, $70 each.  
Additional $8 shipping and handling charge for orders outside Grinnell.

Email your selections to tillywoodward@gmail.com

Click to enlarge images.
A. Quail Eggs, Scissors, Stats
B. Rubber Band Balls
C. Moth Ball Red
D. Blue Bells
E. Chicken
F. Lots of Little Crabs
G.  New House Empty Nest
H. Scapes
I. Two Fish
J. Nest Scissors Stats
K. Black Ball
L. Dragon Dollar Shell
M. Bird Blanket Glove
N. Sprout
O. Sea Sky
P. 2018 Grinnell Prize
Q. Lesley
R. Sisters I
S. Sisters II
T. 2021 Grinnell Prize